Delivery room

At Hospital Unit West in Herning, MODOS worked with midwives and researchers in exploring how film, light and sound design could create a more soothing atmosphere for new delivery rooms. By removing stress, oxytocin production is increased and a natural birth is promoted, reducing the amount of medication, surgery, hospital returns, while creating a better overall patient satisfaction.

Creating a more soothing delivery process reduces the number of birth stop, epidoral blockades and decrease the amount of lobby stimulating drops. MODOS are currently researching how the new delivery room affect patients and staff at Herning Birth Center.

To build the new delivery room, MODOS has engineered Ambience, a modular platform that integrates hardware such as projectors, screens, speakers, lights, buttons and more into one seamless experience.

Since May 2015 we have been working with experts in midwife training from the University of Southern Denmark and Northern Jutland University College, as well as with researchers from Aalborg University and Act2Learn Technology at Northern Jutland University College to investigate how a more relaxing delivery room can affect patients. The study is being performed as a randomized survey with 600 women in labor as the basis, with results to be published soon.

Design objectives

During the process, MODOS laid out a number of objectives to accomplish.

  • Ability for the couple to set the mood in the room
  • Involve the partner not giving birth
  • Ability to monitor the birth process
  • Increase opportunities for physical activity and mobility
  • Creation of a safe and secure delivery environment

We couldn't be happier with the result, which has become a benchmark for creating delivery rooms.

Original interior
After the transformation


The feedback from users have been favorable.

Experts in delivery room design have determined that it is important for the woman’s sense of security that she can selectively choose projections and lighting, which she associates with relaxation and positive experiences so as not to provoke her senses.
Ellen Aagaard Nøhr, Professor and midwife, University of Southern Denmark
At least for my part, things had gone absolutely perfectly. We committed ourselves to one and a half or two hours in the delivery room, during which time my girlfriend gave birth. We enjoyed how the light would dim, and then the waves in the mood would slowly come rolling in. It was absolutely fantastic.
Jesper, 28 year old father
The delivery room combines two emotions: the feeling of home equity and the feeling of being in nature. We are exploring the effects of multi-sensory stimulation in relation to health-promoting architecture.
Henriette Svenstrup, Quality and Innovation, Herning
As Rie was taken into the delivery room, I could physically see her shoulders lowering significantly. The stress disappeared from her face and she even commented on how nice it felt to be in a room that evoked a sense of home. I sat Rie and Tue on the couch and set the mood to a forest scene and dimmed the lights. It was almost as if you could feel the oxytocin beginning to flow.
Stine, midwife for a woman who had been very anxious to give birth

Want to know more?

MODOS designs, installs and supports Ambience rooms throughout Europe and Asia. If you are interested in exploring how MODOS Ambience can be integrated into your environment, feel free to contact us.