A Mood is a recipe for Ambience. It contains three ingredients to set the atmosphere of the room.


Our photographers seek out scenic, picturesque and relaxing environments to shoot high resolution film. The result can be one continuous shot or a set of shots around the same area. The scenes contain minimal activity and each shot is always several minutes or more with slow fading between shots.


To support the film, every mood comes with a soundtrack. For some moods, the soundtrack is natural, such as chirpy birds, soft rains or crickets under the stars. For other moods, an instrumental piece is used.


To enhance the ambient effect, each mood is paired with a custom light setting in your room.

This way, when the starry night mood is activated, the lamps will automatically dim to a faded blueish moonlight. For a sunset mood, the light can be dimmed to a pure red tint.

Moods are born on MODOS Cloud

To create a new Mood, media is first uploaded to our cloud platform. From here, it can be easily be assembled into a Mood and downloaded to your Ambience.