Our user friendly app for iPad that allows you to seamlessly browse and operate your Ambience.

Wall-mounted buttons

If you don't want to use the iPad app, we can install simple buttons that allow you to effortlessly operate Ambience.


Explore our stunning universe of premium Moods or create your own and download them to your Ambience.

Ceiling-mounted speakers

Discreet in appearance, but powerful in impact.

Pristine lighting

We include custom-made lamps in a timeless Nordic minimalist design. Dimmable in any color using theater-class DMX technology.

Automatic screen control

Ambience supports electric screens and can automatically run them down when in use and back up when powered off.

Circadian lighting

Let the 24 hour circadian cycle control your light to promote sleep in the evening using red light and wake up your patients slowly using white light.

Circadian moods

Automatically have Ambience pick moods that fit the hour. Stars in the night, sunrise in the morning or light peaks in the evening? Combine as you like.