Your Ambience is securely connected to MODOS Cloud through a normal internet connection. MODOS Cloud is our online platform where you can browse, edit and download Moods from our cloud storage onto your Ambience.

Existing user?

Create your own Moods

Using our browser-based mood editor, you can upload high definition videos and image previews. You can add titles and descriptions.

Store up to 500 GB of Moods

Hours of content is no problem. Store all your moods on MODOS Cloud. Even those you don't use at the moment.

Add/Remove Moods on Ambience

From MODOS Cloud you can view the installed Moods in your Ambience rooms. You can remove Moods and/or add new ones.

Browse new featured moods

Thanks to your MODOS Care agreement, we'll add new Moods to your library over time. At no extra charge. And once they're in your library, you can keep them for as long as you are covered by MODOS Care.

Remote control your Ambience

MODOS Cloud maintains a 256-bit AES encrypted connection to your Ambience. This allows you to perform some controls from MODOS Cloud, such as turning on your system or changing the mood.

Open support tickets

If need any help with your Ambience, our support team is ready to provide you with assistance. We provide fast, reliable and personal technical support in English and Danish.

MODOS Cloud is part of the MODOS Care service agreement which is included in every new Ambience solution.