» It is a scientific fact that visual and auditory stimulus affect our mental state. With a background in science, our own experience and in collaboration with relevant specialists, we have created our platform. With MODOS Ambience you can build a safe, calm and comforting space for patients, relatives and medical professionals. «


Ambience is not just a privilege for the patient. MODOS Ambience has been designed to support the professionals in their work and provide tangible benefits to management. Remember that Ambience is highly customizable. It can be fitted to your room and use case. Not the other way around.


  • The emotional stimulation reduces anxiety in patients. Ambience reduces negative feelings about health.
  • Patients may change Mood from an iPad. This gives them a reassuring sense of control over their surroundings.
  • Ambience is very easy to use. Patients of all ages can seamlessly interact with Ambience.
  • In addition to moods, patients can also adjust light or sound to their needs.


  • A more enjoyable work environment with calm patients.
  • Minimal extra workload - Ambience can be controlled from wall-mounted buttons, so it only takes a second to activate Ambience.
  • Better quality care due to fewer distractions from uneasy patients.
  • Although Ambience is built for the patients, it also has a positive effect on staff.


  • Increased productivity due to calm and cooperative patients.
  • Higher success rate on scanners and x-rays where successful results depends on calm patients.
  • For private hospitals, Ambience gives you a unique selling point to attract patients.
  • Higher healthcare quality reduces employee turnover and attracts more candidates during recruitment.

Ambience is tailored for you

Ambience can be customized for any room layout, projecting a continuous picture up to 12 meters wide - on one or more walls - with light and sound to complete the experience.

In summary - Ambience includes:

  • Scenic views on one or more walls.
  • Custom-made lamps that can be dimmed in any color of the rainbow.
  • Discreet ceiling-mounted speakers - high quality acoustic sound.
  • Super easy controls through wall-buttons or iPad app.
  • Excellent technical support - no need for an IT-department.
  • An online service for installing new Moods or creating your own Moods.
  • At least 3 years of extended hardware warranty through MODOS Care.