Give your patients the care they need, while Ambience keeps them calm.

Typical healthcare environments tend to make patients tense. But what if it made them calm?

MODOS is a Danish company founded on the idea that we can make patients relax using positive sensory diversions within their space.

We do this by introducing nature into the room through scenic film projections, relaxing sounds and comforting light. MODOS Ambience is our solution to accomplish this.

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Our platform combines three elements

Relaxing scenery

MODOS collaborates with world-class photographers to capture beautiful high definition footage of scenic views around the world.

The tranquility of the images promotes relaxation, while the limited movement reinforces the illusion of being surrounded by nature.

Acoustic sound

Sound has a strong impact on a persons emotions. Some react to natural sounds of songbirds, whistlings trees or ocean waves. Others prefer music - typically instrumental.

With Ambience, you can choose between natural ambient sounds and a curated collection of instrumental music. When played through our high fidelity ceiling-mounted Bowers & Wilkins speakers it resonates with your patients.

Immersive illumination

Switch off the flourescent ceiling lights in your room. Although practical for staff, these fixtures don't calm patients. Ambience comes with aesthetic lamps hanging freely from the ceiling to create a more personal and comforting space for the patient.

The Ambience lamps are fully dimmable in any color at any intensity, allowing you to give the room the exact tint it needs.

Together they become Ambience

»Ambience is born when you combine scenery, sound and illumination. When the clinical white walls become windows into a majestic sunset. When the lamps emit a dark reddish light, reinforcing the effect of the setting sun. And the sound of a gentle breeze running across the fields is permeating the room. Ambience promotes a sense of peace and serenity within the room and within the patient.

Ambience is welfare and comfort. Ambience makes your hospital more hospitable.«

Morten Lie Geertsen

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Introducing Moods

We want Ambience to be simple to use. For this reason, Ambience combines film, sound and light into a concept called Moods. As a result, when interacting with Ambience, you choose a Mood. This choice instantly affects the projected images, the sound and the light within the room. A new Ambience solution always comes preloaded with a curated selection of Moods to support patients and professionals within it.

Create your own Moods

Our catalog of Moods is steadily growing. But we realize that you may have special preferences for scenarios or sound that goes beyond our offerings. For this reason, Ambience comes with online platform where you can create and edit your own Moods and push them to your Ambience. You can turn your own recordings into Moods. Alternatively you can collaborate with one of our certified photographers to bring out the best in your motive.